Adolph Rosenblatt
painter and sculptor


Suzanne Rosenblatt
artist, writer, and performer

The faces of Ariel Sharon Diner Detail Sculpture

RosenblattGallery is a gallery that exists only on the internet. The common link is that all seven artists and writers with work on this site are members of the same family. The actual work is scattered throughout the United States.

RosenblattGallery expanded off its web site and into Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward with a grand opening on Friday, May 18, 2007.

Isabella Ryder Building
181 N. Broadway
Milwaukee WI 53202-6041

Upcoming Events - posted in Suzanne's Shorewood Now blog and our blog.

Miami Beach sunrise watercolor
Neve Shalom Sculpture Wordrawing Painting
Sarah Rosenblatt
poet and painter
Eli Rosenblatt
Joshua Rosenblatt
painter and sculptor
author of
On the Waterbed They
Sank to Their Own Levels
Sarah and Lilac, Night Life thumbnails NY Sculpture
Craig Eli Stone
folk poet and singer
Sarah's husband
Pauline Rosenblatt
Eli's wife
Landscape painting
Anastasia Macris
Joshua's wife
Child's drawing - Anastasia as seen by her daughter
Anastasia through
her daughter's eyes
Sarah and Lilac thumbnail Night Life thumbnail

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Eli, Pauline, & Craig's ARTASIA store web site
Art, artifacts, furniture, antiques & architectural elements
from China, Tibet, Nepal & Mongolia.

Please try our search engine if you are looking for something specific. Some recent additions are:

April 6, 2012 More of Eli's paintings
February 2010 We have added a WordPress Blog -- please have a look and you may add comments.
December 2009 Sarah Rosenblatt - new and updated poems:
May 2009 Eli Rosenblatt Group IV recent paintings.
January - July 2008 Eli Rosenblatt Group I, Group II, Group III recent paintings. Some of these were exhibited at Walker's Point Center for the Arts.
April 23, 2007 Suzanne's performance poem Raising Cain posted on You Tube
January 2007 Suzanne's performance poem Life on a Ledge
June 2006 Read Between Yesterday and Tomorrow -- Suzanne's blog on ShorewoodNow's Community Voices.
May 2006 Suzanne's Miami Beach Paintings - winter 2003/2004 , winter 2004/2005
July 2005 Videos of various family members
March 2005 Adolph's Tree drawing-paintings
December 2004 Updated version of Suzanne's performance poem WW1, WW2, WW W formerly titled Burning Bush and "W" is for World
July 2004 Adolph's Cows and Theresa and Eli sculptures
Highlights from The Rosenblatts: A Family Exhibition at the Charles Allis Art Museum
February 2004 Eli's Night Life paintings re-organized
January 2004 More photos of Joshua's sculptures
July 2003 Taiwan 2003 photos
June 2003 Adolph at Our World Charter School
May 2003 Craig's Songbook
  Grass Roots for responsible use of pesticides
February 2003 Suzanne's recent paintings and wordrawings
January 2003 Taiwan 2000 journals and photos
Selected 2002 Additions
Adolph 1960 book The Platforms: 22 Drawings of America Selecting a President
The Many Faces of Sharon sculpture
Adolph at Work reorganized and expanded
Sandburg Hall Students sculpture
Reviews, scans of newspaper clippings
Leon and the Sunflowers sculpture
Bleachers sculptures of Brewers fans
more photos of Oriental Pharmacy Lunch Counter sculpture
My Balcony; Cows; Benji's Deli; Neighborhoods; Newspapers
Suzanne Everyone Is Going Somewhere children's book
The Inside Story of My Foot
July 2002 Circus Grounds drawings
More poems
The "lost" paintings on wood
Israel journal excerpt The Sculpture at Neve Shalom
1994 Greece and Israel travel journal
Mexico journal
Photos of Xian, Beijing, Nanwutai, and Kaifeng
Brush Drawings
CHANGES IN THE LAKE book of prose and drawings
Teaching Out of the Mainstream journals
China Pennywalk excerpts
Eulogy for Luc Leplae
Sarah Excerpts from On the Waterbed They Sank to Their Own Levels and William Harrold's review
More poems
Poem for Luc Leplae
Eli Night Life paintings
Joshua Sculptures
Family Photos from the third family show at the Piano Gallery
Rosenblatt family shows
Suzanne's mother, Rose Richman Freedman
Family History letters from the past

Upcoming Events:

Suzanne posts event announcements in her blog Between Yesterday and Tomorrow on Shorewood Now along with her commentary and photos plus there is provision for posting comments from readers.

In February 2010 we added a WordPress blog to the site. Click here to view the blog posts about events.

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Suzanne's mother, Rose Freedman, died on July 29, 2003.

"She was open to new experiences; our play-it-by-ear lifestyle and travel style came directly from her."

Memorial service announcement.

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