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Eli lives in Shorewood WI with his wife Pauline, sons Isaiah and Jeremiah and daughters Jasmine and Leila.

He travels frequently to China, Nepal, Mongolia, and Tibet and opened ARTASIA in Milwaukee's Third Ward as his finds went from filling suitcases to 40 foot shipping containers. He also arranges for custom work to be done by the artisans he deals with regularly.

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Recent Paintings Group V (2011 and 2012)

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Recent Paintings Group IV (2009)

Photography by Aliza Ksobiech

Hotel Adolph Memories

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Commentary and publicity about Eli Rosenblatt's recent paintings and exhibitions.

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Eli Rosenblatt - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Relationships and Love by Anne Marie Grgich


Night Life thumbnail

Night Life Series

Back alleys and night life have always intrigued me...

One of the paintings from this series appeared on the cover of Marcus Promotions, Inc.'s April 2002 issue of Footlights.


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Sarah and Lilac

Sarah and Lilac painting

Sarah and Lilac

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Pauline and Noodle

Pauline in Mirror

Pauline at the mirror

The Drifter

The Drifter


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50 People You Should Know
Milwaukee Magazine, January 2003.

Edited by Natalie Dorman, photograph by Kevin J. Mayazaki
These 50 people are the stuff that conversations are made of -- and the conversationalists. They are the masters of singular unusual talents or the jugglers of a menagerie of seemingly opposite arts. They have memorable quirky personalities or oddly normal ones for the breadth of their pursuits. In short, they are people you should know...

When he was in his 20s, Eli Rosenblatt lived in China and Taiwan, taught himself the language and learned the culture. It paid off -- he married a Chinese woman from Taiwan. Now 38, Rosenblatt goes four times a year to traipse around remote areas of Tibet, China, Nepal and Mongolia, shopping for unusual art and antiques to sell at his Third Ward shop ARTAASIA (and online to buyers all over the world.) Rosenblatt is also an artist (a creator of big, powerful canvases) and the father of two.

From Mao Jackets to Mini Skirts, Milwaukee artist turns art dealer in China
City Scenes by Dave Luhrssen
Shepherd Express, November 23, 2000.

China was never on Eli Rosenblatt's mind, even after he went to work in high school washing dishes at William Ho's...

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Peltz joint show review thumbnail

Eclectic, interesting Peltz exhibit is all relative
Milwaukee Journal Sentinal
May 4, 1997
By James Auer, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel staff.

Blood is thicker than water. Oil and water don't mix. Two truisms with a single focus: the family. And never more applicable than when two members of the same family make art...

Features a photo of Adolph's sculpture of painter Joseph Friebert and Eli's Hotel Room.