Anastasia Macris

Photo of Anastasia

Anasiasia Macris lives with her husband Joshua Rosenblatt and their children in New York City.

One of Anastasia's recent creative endeavors was to design and find funding for a Parents as Art Partners community quilt program for a charter school she helped found and shape in Astoria, New York.

Anastasia is a candidate for a Master of Arts in elementary education at Teacher's College, Columbia University. She celebrates the creativity of children every day as a public school teacher in New York City.

Article about how Joshua and Anastasia met in the Chicago Tribune (free registration required) -- Taking the A train to lasting love by Maria Finn Dominguez, Special to the Tribune, Published July 14, 2004

Crayon drawing by daughter

Anastasia as seen through the eyes of her daughter.

Adolph's June 2003 school visit

Adolph visited Our World Neighborhood Charter School in June 2003 and sculpted several children. See more photos.

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