Sarah Rosenblatt - Poems

Reprinted with permission of the author, December 2009.
    Look Both Ways
     Things happen outside our realm of influence.
     Presidents are re-elected,
     the Chinese New Year blows by.
     A day well-spent is taken over by night.
     It has the upper hand,
     scrubs the kitchen of its colors.
     Our children look up to us
     As if what we say goes…
     but where?
     The patio smells of supper from the night before.
     Afternoon blasts the bedspread.
     Why are we here?
     What was the reason given to us when we were small,
     starting out in classrooms
     where each of us was the center of something?
     Now our children ride bikes,
     look both ways
     parade into day.

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Copyright © 2009 Suzanne Rosenblatt. All rights reserved.

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