Suzanne Rosenblatt

Suzanne portrait by Edith Brin
Photograph by Edith Brin

"Suzanne Rosenblatt's fascination with people is reflected in drawings that are as gently perceptive as they are spontaneously wrought. There is a human closeness here that transcends the medium, a delicacy that suggests a direct link between artist and impromptu model". -- James Auer, Milwaukee Journal

"Rosenblatt has almost uncanny powers of suggestion. By reducing forms to their simplest essence, she is able to convey a real sense of motion in her compositions. The stuff of her visions is seen like dreams remembered." -- Dean Jensen, Milwaukee Sentinal

Artist's Statement

I play life by ear and travel with no plans, open to whatever comes along. I was a visual artist until 1977. That March I began to swim every day. That June I awakened in the middle of a vivid dream, wrote down the details, then began to write every day. In 1980 I gave a reading, and soon found myself collaborating with dancers, then musicians, then actors. I performed more and more frequently, in the Milwaukee area and in New York.

Beach painting thumbnail
Miami Beach Winter, 2002-3 Paintings

In 1990 I combined visual images and poems into wordrawings. The Gallery of Wisconsin Art published a book of these, SHORELINES, in 1991.

Dog Wordrawing Dandelion Wordrawing

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