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Woodland Pattern events thumbnail

Woodland Pattern Book Center
April 1997 Events

Features two of Suzanne's wordrawings. Contains announcement for April 12, 1997 reading/performance with Robert Grenier.

Visions article thumbnail

Life Lines Artist blends art, words in her spontaneous work
by Kathy Mangold, Visions, Thursday, November 19, 1992

"Suzanne Rosenblatt, a painter-turned-poet-turned-performance artist, has found her niche where the borders of art and poetry blur."
Shorelines review thumbnail

Life's a Beach, Suzanne Rosenblatt's pen is dancing again
by Harvey Taylor, Shepherd Express November 21-28, 1991

"Well-known as a writer and dynamic performer of powerful ecologically-focused poems, Suzanne Rosenblatt reveals another side of her artistry in Shorelines, turning her talents to pen and ink sketches intertwined with haikuesque evocations of Milwaukee's lakefront. Here in the ephemeral glory are summer's denizens of the beach..."
Milwaukee Style article thumbnail

Her words can paint some beautiful pictures
by Edith Brin, Milwaukee Style, The Milwaukee Journal.

"Suzanne Rosenblatt says she stumbled upon her newest style of artistic expression -- by accident. But when you're a certain kind of person, you have these accidents."

Links to Shorelines and more of Suzanne's wordrawings .

Poet on a Bike article thumbnail

Poet On A Bike Susan Rosenblatt puts life on the planet into words, pictures and actions.
by Angela Peckenpaugh, Shepherd Express, August 3 - September 7, 1989 -- Vol. 9, No. 35

Joint show review by James Auer thumbnail

Rosenblatts make an art of marriage by James Auer, Looking at Art, 1986.

"Marriage, to judge by most people's experiences, is hard work. So, come to think of it, is making art. Put the two together and you have a challenge..."

Magin Lounge, Performing Arts Center

Joint show review by James Auer thumbnail

Face of reality: two views
by James Auer, Journal Art Editor, The Milwaukee Journal, Sunday, October 14, 1979.

"The face of rality is the stuff of Adolph Rosenblatt's sculpture and Suzanne Rosenblatt's paintings and drawings."

Magin Lounge, Performing Arts Center

Joint show review by James Auer thumbnail

A Rosenblatt hit by James Auer.

"The space-time continuum, as one must deal with it on a newspaper, sometimes prevents review of deserving shows early in their runs. And that's as regrettable as it is inevitable."

Magin Lounge, Performing Arts Center

Read a Drawing thumbnail

'Read a Drawing' Makes the Grade
The Milwaukee Journal, Sunday, October 22, 1978

"Visual and verbal elements are combined with considerable impact in the 'psychological landscapes' of Suzanne Rosenblatt, through Oct. 29 at the Jewish Community Center, 1400 N. Prospect Ave."
Joffrey Ballet show thumbnail

Joffrey Ballet Topic of Show by Rosenblatt
The World of Art, The Milwaukee Journal, Sunday, February 13, 1977

"Integration of the visual and performing arts, generally more an abstract aim than a concrete reality, will be achieved -- at least to a degree -- when the Joffrey Ballet plays the Performing Arts Center Feb. 15-26.
While the New York bsed dancers are on the stage, drawings, paintings and lithographs by the Milwaukee artist Suzanne Rosenblatt will be on view in the PAC's Magin Lounge.
Circus Magic thumbnail

A Personal Vision Of Circus Magic
by Dean Jenson, Milwaukee Sentinel, 1971

"The fanciful world of the circus probably has inspired as many paintings as teh Eifel Tower, but few artists have infused it with a greater poetic spirit than Suzanne Rosenblatt.
A first one woman show of paintings and ink drawings by this extraordinary Milwaukee arist is being exhibited through September 22 at Bradley Galleries, 2565 N. Downer Ave."

Suzanne on the WWW

Enemy trips up green crusader
by Jim Stingl, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, August 19, 2001
"To understand the exquisite irony of Suzanne Rosenblatt's mishap, it helps to hear a little of her poetry first."
So begins an account of Suzanne's bike accident including a quote from her poetry and a photograph by Karen Sherlock.


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