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Suzanne, age 2

Age 2.

Suzanne, April 1941

April 1941.

Suzanne, age 13

Age 13 at Bucks Rock Work Camp.

In Tunisia, 1957

[more photos from Tunisia]

Suzanne and Lilac With Lilac , photo by Walter Sheffer
Suzanne in front yard flower garden

In the front yard flower garden, July 2002

Photos by Suzanne

Travel photos from:

China   Ghana   México   Tunisia

Friend at table

Portrait of Janie Segal

Flowers photo

Flowers With a Funny F-Stop

Boys at shop window, Akko, Israel, 1994

Akko shop, Israel, November 1994

[Israel 1994 journal]

Portrait of father

Father, David Freedman

[read David's letter to Suzanne's son Joshua]

Walter Sheffer

Walter Sheffer

Jim's pocket winked

Wrinkly Wink, July 2001

"I photographed Jim's pocket because it winked at me"

[see wordrawings]

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