Adolph at Work - Mother and Child

This series of photographs below was taken of Adolph while he worked on the sculpture Mother and Child in August 2001.

Text was written by Craig Eli Stone, Sarah's husband.

Adolph with brush

It was humid the Saturday these photos were taken, which made Adolph's studio seem hotter.

He's painting a sculpture of his daughter Sarah and her seven month-old child Jake.

Soon Jake was in a deep sleep, just like when Adolph had done the sculpture.

Sarah relaxed as time passed. Adolph worked intently all the way through.

Adolph looking at sculpture

To watch Adolph paint is something. He's often spontaneously expressive, usually on when he works.

On this day, however, he quietly painted a mother and child sleeping.

Adolph is happy with the day's work. The sculpture will only need another session to be finished.

Happy with day's work
Relaxing with coffee...

Time to relax with some coffee.

Pauline and Jasmine sculpture

The unpainted sculpture in front of Sarah and Jake is of Adolph's daughter-in-law Pauline and five month-old daughter Jasmine.

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