Two Ladies in Their Eighties, the Third One Not There...

The time was the early 90's, the place was the Oakland Cafe, and the snoop, well, I was the snoop. I sat as close as possible to Prudence, Gladys, and Madge, and took dictation. They never seemed to notice me drawing them, never knew I used their conversations to form their faces.


Gladys: I'm changing over my Social Security, and they want to know what my mother's name was, and I say, from 1880? My mother's been dead for 25 or 30 years.
Prudence: Before the Civil War, my grandfather was in that war, the life of the woman then, they didn't have just two children or three, they had eight or ten, uck, changing diapers, ugh!
Gladys: I never really minded that.
Prudence: One thing I'm not. I was never a hugger or kisser.
Gladys: You see so much of that here, these young people...
Prudence: I'd always shake hands. Things are so different now.
Gladys: I don't see any upward trend in anything. It's down down down.That generation that's coming in, they have no morals, they have no nothing. In my generation, you'd hear some of these horror stories maybe once every ten years, now you hear it every night. That trial they have now of that O.J.... That Marcia Clark makes me sick.
Prudence: I think that judge, Ito, is a Japanese... If there wasn't any money there, that case would have been over long ago... You know those gloves they talk so much about, I think somebody placed them... To mislead somebody.
Gladys: I think what O.J.'s gone through. If he killed her, he's already paid. He's living in a 6 by 8 cell, gets a shower every other day. After living in a mansion, he thought going to jail was too much for him. I think I'd feel the same way.
Prudence: You know, I was thinking, that Nancy Reagan didn't make a good first lady at all. In appearance she was just a little bit of a woman. She's a pill, always was. I think her daughter just wants to get back at them. I don't blame her. I don't think there's anything that compares with a mother's rejection. The other wife had a big head. I don't know what Reagan saw in her. He's rather attractive. He's got nothing upstairs, though.

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