I wake up and it's the next day
Then I wake up and it's the next day
Then the NEXT day
No day Will stay
I wake up
Sun day Sun down
Monday Mon done
Tuesday Has to go No two Tues in a row
No two Tues No tutu,
I dance through Time
And it's Wednesday Wed once
Then Thursday Thirsts away
Into Friday No more fried eggs
Sat day No more sat fat
Saturday Sun
Mon, one more Mon Day
One more Mon Th,
Jan Feb Mar Ape May Ju Ju
Aug Sep Oc Nov Dec, gone, too
One more MON TH
One more MON Day
One more MOM ENT, one more MOM   ENT
Million moments marched away
Million moment march
Sun mon tuesday wednesday thurs
Friday saturday sun
I wake up
And I've lived too long
To die young.

Suzanne Rosenblatt 2003

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Copyright © 2004 Suzanne Rosenblatt. All rights reserved.

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