Bovine growth hormone
Are longterm side-effects
As yet unknown?
Can we drink our milk with utter confidence
That producers aren't profiting at our expense?
Will it change today's children when they're grown?
What is known, what is known, what is known?

For every glass we finish now
Are we one step closer to becoming cow?
Closer to becoming cow
Will our bawling babies one day moo?
Will gum-chewers want a cud to chew?
Will our hands and feet one day turn to hoofs
Will our daughters lust after bulls
Will they nurse sextuplets simultaneously
Will their milk start to flow extraneously?
Will it flow and flow and flow and flow and flow?
Do we know, do we know, do we know?

As I ruminate on this, the flip side comes to mind
If bovine hormones made me more bovine
Would it really be so bad to spend days in the fields
Producing fertilizer to help farmers with their yields
Contemplating life's conundrums at a humdrum pace
In wide open spaces, could I want a better place?
So maybe you should feed me feed me feed me
Maybe you should feed me

Copyright registered May, 1995


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