Biking with the wind at my back is a breeze
Coasting to the lake, cruising under trees.
With the wind at my chest biking home
I suspect I'm being forced to atone
For every evil deed I've done Though I can't think of one.

Though I can't think of one,
I'm sure others could list some
For the line is seldom clear,
between wise and unwise, right and wrong
I simply sigh and huff and puff and muddle and pedal along.

You've Nothing to Lose But your Chains

"Oh no, I can't believe you biked today."
"Lady, you need snow tires!"
"Hey, Suzanne, can't I give you a lift? I'll take you anywhere. "
Wherever I go I ride the road on a bike, not in a Chevy
It may take longer, but makes me stronger, and keeps me from getting heavy

"Be careful, Suzanne, watch the ice. I worry about you."
Well, don't, please don't
Even if I happen to die on my bike.
At least I'm living a life I like
Through rain and wind and sleet and snow
Ninety above, thirty below
I'd rather be outside of the womb
Than enclosed in a car or ensconced in my room
Rather be pedaling my dusty, my rusty, my trusty single speed
Thieves think it's a joke, even missing a spoke, nothing that stimulates greed.

Okay, so you know me,
Know I do it for ecology
Know I do it for exercise
Strengthens calves, tightens thighs

I do it to gaze, to think, to write
there's much more I could mention
I also do it because I've bad eyes
So driving is out of the question
And there's one more reason I recognize
Certain people shouldn't drive
Are you sure you should?

Is the car a proper vehicle for working off aggression
Is it the most impressive means for human self-expression
If your ego lacks dimension,
should a car be its extension?
Do you notice the odor
when you rev your motor
And regret your foul emission?
You could opt for a bike
Or even a trike and turn off your ignition.

Do you drive one block to the pharmacy?
I shudder at all the harm I see
As exhaust fills the air
Lines my nose
Coats my hair
Thanks to those
Who fear

Copyright registered May, 2001.


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