Miami Beach Paintings

December 2004 and January 2005

Part II

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Do we belong here?
I couldn't say.
Perhaps we're just in nature's way.
That is how it seems to me
as we block each other's
View of the sea.
There's another possibility
I think I'll chance it
Instead of blocking
We enhance it.

It's good to fish while fish
Still Exist
And to fish in a spot
so incredible.
But what's the solution
To mankind's pollution
That leaves the catch


The Rocks Block the
Shore from inundation. We put them
There as compensation For the damage
we have done.


The silence of sunrise
The seascape's placidity
Provides a counterbalance
To Life's hyperacidity.
For how much more
Could a fisherman wish
Than to lodge himself in
a rainbow of mist?



It's not idle chatter, There's something the matter
When Inuit milk is undrinkable.
The ocean is vast
Yet the garbage we cast
Has implications Unthinkable.
But think we must
If drink we must
Or garbage to garbage,
Dust to dust.


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