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The Changes in the Lake

Each evening she watched the sunset on the lake. At first she was drawn by the endlessness of the view. She was fascinated that such infinite space could be crystallized on some unknown pinoint in her head.

And she was drawn by the dreamlike quality of the light reflected on the lake. Does the lake appear so unreal to everyone else? Or anyone else?

She found that no matter what the weather or the light, she could rarely predict how the lake would look on any given evening. The temperature, sun, clouds, wind, humidity, mists, pollution, currents, every conceivable factor affected its appearance.

She was intrigued by the idea that the lake has as many faces as it has moments of existence. This concept expanded within her. She began to feel that the potentials for her own life were as infinite as the changes in the lake.

Her lifestyle changed accordingly, encompassing more and more of the possibilities open to her, til the only constant in her life was her visits to the changing lake.

The Changes in the Lake performance poem, 1995 version.