J o s h u a  R o s e n b l a t t

Astoria, NY

Joshua is the Head Preparator at the Whitney Museum of American Art. He has traveled with exhibitions throughout Western Europe, Russia, and Asia. Joshua also designs furniture for individuals and exhibitions spaces.


  1999, 1998, 1996     Whitney Museum of American Art, NYC, NY
Whitney Staff Art Show
  1994   Artists Space, New York, NY
Group show
  1994   Gallery of Wisconsin Art, Milwaukee, WI
Family show
  1994   1994 J.C.C., Milwaukee, WI
Family show
  1993   Portland Gallery of Art, Portland, ME
Group show
  1993   J.A.L. Gallery, Queens, NY
Group show
  1991   1991 The Bog Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Group show
  1989   Space 2B, New York, NY
Group Show


Bachelor of Fine Arts, State University of New York, Purchase, 1986

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